I'm A New Stamper - Where Do I Start?

We've all been there!  You want to make pretty cards, but the choices are overwhelming!  Where do you start?

My first response is to say Hooray!  I love paper crafting and I love sharing my passion with new stampers!  Typically, I would also invite you to come to my class and play with my products to get an idea what you should order first.  But sometimes, that's just not possible.  So, I've identified some options for your consideration below.

1.  Subscribe to Paper Pumpkin. 

Paper Pumpkin is a monthly kit that is delivered to you every month for $22.00/month.  Each month's kit includes supplies to complete the projects, an ink spot, and a small stamp set.  Stampin' Up! includes directions and produces a short video showing how to complete the kit.  There is also a Facebook page, Paper Pumpkin Fan Club where posters share ideas for alternate ideas.  One caveat:  The quality of the paper is slightly less than the quality of all other Stampin' Up! paper.  However, the kits have improved over the years and this is a great way to build up a stash of small stamp sets and ink spots.  Click here to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin.

2.  Purchase one of the identified bundles in the Starter Brochure.  These bundles are designed for the new stamper and include everything you need to complete the projects.  Page 15 also shows many of the basis tools you will want to add to your tool kit.  Click here to see the Starter Brochure. 

3.  Purchase one of my product-based classes.  With this option, you will order a stamp set and class and I will send you the instructions and all the supplies needed to complete the projects.  You will have many supplies left over to keep creating.  However, early on, as you build up your supplies, you may also need to order ink pads to complete the projects as shown.  A new class will be offered every month.  Your costs may be higher each month that you participate, but you will build up a nice set of supplies. 

4. You're ready to go all in.  This suggestion is from Stampin' Up!  It is the suggested Starter Kit for new demonstrators.  No matter if you're not ready to become a demonstrator, this is a great starter product list and can be used for many occasions.  To purchase these items outright, your cost will be $125.00 + shipping.   When you sign up to become a demonstrator, these items will cost you $99.00 with free shipping.  After your initial starter kit, all future purchases are at a minimum 20% discount.   (Click each image below to see a larger view)

As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions.  I look forward to helping you along in your stamping journey!

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